– A 43-year-old woman named Hui Na killed her own biological mother named Sui Jo 80 years old in Pontianak, West Kalimantan.

Quoted from Detik, Friday (06/07/2018), Performer Hui Na has now been secured by the police to disturb the answer to his actions.

The case occurred at the house of the victim, Police received the report on Thursday (5/7) at around 16:00 local time.

The local police official, Nanag Purnomo, said that the condition of the victim when found was very miserable. Some of his limbs have been cut up by the perpetrator.

“The condition of the body of both legs cut off and neck almost broken,” said Nanang when contacted reporters.

Police then secured the victim’s daughter from inside the house named Hui Na (43) who allegedly became a perpetrator. Some evidence was also confiscated.

“Police have secured some evidence including knives used to kill and cut victims, as well as red buckets,” said Nanang.