– A 92-year-old grandmother in the United States (US) sharply shot dead her own 72-year-old son.

Quoted from Reuters, Friday (6/7/2018), perpetrators known as Anna Mae Blessing has now been secured by the police.

The shooting occurred because the child (the victim) was planning to take the perpetrator to a nursing home because he was old.

He was arrested at his home in Phoenix, Arizona on Monday (2/7) local time. The house was housed with her son Blessing.

This week, Perpetrators have undergone a prime trial. But he did not want to comment on the case at all.

To the police who arrested him, Blessing claimed he hid two pistols in his sleeping pouch and went to his son in his room. Inside the room, Blessing took several shots at her son.

Blessing also called himself trying to point a gun to a 57-year-old woman who is her boyfriend’s lover, but she takes the fight and his weapon out of Blessing’s hands.