– A newborn baby is left in a paper bag hanging in a car’s rearview mirror in Malaysia.

Quoted from The Star, Friday (6/7/2018), Lucky the baby is still alive but in cold and hungry conditions.

The paper bag containing a baby was found hanging in the car’s rearview mirror near the apartment parking lot in Ipoh, Malaysia.

Initially the baby was found a young man 20 years old. The young man lived in the apartment and heard the baby crying at 12:30 local time.

He immediately searched the origin of the voice and found it. When found, the baby looks newly born.

An Ipoh Police officer, Mohd Ali Tamby, said the witness immediately reported to the police when he saw the condition of the baby.

Currently, the baby has been taken to the hospital for help.

“The baby girl was taken to Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital for further examination,” said Mohd Ali.