– At least about 160 thousand people were evacuated in Kyoto, Japan because extreme rain has hit the region since the last few days.

Quoted from Reuters on Friday (6/7/2018), One person was also reportedly killed due to heavy rain with this severe level.

Local weather forecasters warned that the rain that hit the ‘historic’ level will continue until Sunday (8/7) future.

“A severe warning is needed,” a Japanese Meteorological Agency official (JMA) told a news conference, referring to the warnings of potential landslides and high winds.

The death toll is known by a 59-year-old man. He was reportedly killed after being sucked into a drainage pipe in the prefecture, Hyogo.

Two others were injured trying to rescue the dead man.

An evacuation order was issued for the outer part of the Kyoto area. Kyodo news agency reported there are about 16 thousand people affected by this heavy rain. Local television shows show the situation of the Kamo River overflowing due to heavy rain. The river is in the center of Kyoto.