– The tragic story takes place in Canada. A father died while rescuing his child while being immobilized by a polar bear.

Quoted from CNN, Friday (6/7/2018), This incident occurred on an island in the Arctic Islands.

According to police reports, Initially the Father, Aaron Gibbons (31) took his son fishing and hunting on Sentry Island, Arctic Islands.

Unfortunately, they meet a polar bear when it gets there. The bear directly attacked his son.

Victims, Gibbons did not remain silent. He pairs the body when his son pounced on the bear. He died after a while.

The bear is reported to have been killed by being shot dead.

“Aaron died as a hero, he protected his children,” said Aaron’s cousin Eric Anoee.

One of the local residents revealed the event as heartbreaking. Aaron’s tragedy also affected the local community.

“This is really very sad We are a small community and when something happens like that affects the whole community,” said local resident John Main.