– 24 people were reported killed in two explosions at a fireworks plant in the town of Teltepec, Mexico. Some of the victims were killed by firefighters and police.

Quoted from Reuters on Friday (6/7/2018), two explosions that occurred on Thursday morning local time.

The first explosion was known to occur around 9:30 am local time. The second explosion occurred once the police and firefighters rescued the first explosive victim.

The country’s Red Cross said it deeply regretted the deaths of firefighters and police trying to rescue victims.

“We deeply regret the deaths of those who died this morning at Tultepec, including firefighters and police who lost their lives while saving many others,” he said.

Tultepec, a city with a population of about 65,000 people in northern Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, is known for its deeply rooted firecracker tradition, and has several times experienced deadly events involving firecrackers.