– 32 pregnant women in Cambodia are being held by authorities. They were arrested on charges of involvement in illegal welfare leasing operations.

Quoted from Reuters on Friday (06/07/2018), the women reportedly paid to become a surrogate mother for clients from China.

Y Rin, the Spokesperson of the Court in Phnom Penh said five others, including a Chinese, were arrested and charged with trafficking following the raids of two apartments in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia.

Indeed the arrest of 32 women had been done last month in an apartment and just undergo their first trial.

According to Cambodian police, after the woman got pregnant, she was paid US $ 500.

When the baby has been born, the woman is paid US $ 300 per month up to US $ 10 thousand paid in full.

It does not explain the punishment that these 32 women will get for the case.