– China reportedly executed by way of shooting drug dealers in front of hundreds of school students.

Reported by Daily Mail, Tuesday (3/7/2018), The event took place in Haikou, Hainan Province, South China today.

The controversial punishment video was released by the local news page Public punishment was held by Qiongshan Court and Haikou Intermediate Court, and watched by about 300 residents.

This is how the government’s campaign in the country to fight drug dealers and illicit traffic.

“It is part of a government campaign on International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Traffic, which falls on June 26 every year,” he said.

The first criminal, 39-year-old Cai Liqun, was found guilty of selling shabu and magu. The latter drug is a mixture of shabu and caffeine that are new to China.

China does have a number of unique execution styles for criminals. Especially for those drug dealers as well as corruption cases.