– A Archbishop in Australia, Philip Wilson, 667 years old was reportedly sentenced to one year in prison for covering up for sexual harassment of two children.

Quoted from, Tuesday (3/7/2018), A judge in the court, Robert Stone said, The perpetrator did not look guilty.

He also said the Ummah had been betrayed in a very cruel way because of misplaced faith.

“There is no regrets shown by the suspect: the suspect is a senior figure of a most respected institution in our community who has been betrayed in a very cruel way of misplacing faith, trust and respect, not only to the perpetrators but those who know the case this, “he said.

Wilson’s lawyer through his defense said his client did not know if the person he protected was a suspect in the case of sexual abuse in 2004 ago.

Wilson will undergo his term before being under house arrest for six months.