– A woman in Germany has been arrested by authorities for allegedly part of a “moral police” for the ISIS terrorist group in Iraq.

Reported by Reuters on Tuesday (3/7/2018), the woman is known named Jennifer W who was arrested by the German police.

He is known to have traveled to Iraq through Turkey and Syria in September 2014. He later joined extremist Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or Daesh.

He became the first German to be prosecuted in his country for joining the ISIS terrorist group. According to a Federal Court statement cited by DPA, Tuesday (3/7/2018), he has been detained since 30 June.

Investigators claimed that Jennifer was paid between USD70 and USD100 per month by ISIS for being a member of the group’s “police force”.

Reports of local officials say there have been many victims of brainwashing from suspects. Whether in Germany or in Iraq.