– A student in Palembang, Indonesia berinisial F (15) became victims of capture and rape by two youths TM (22) and HN (22). Known two new actors are known from Facebook.

Reported from Merdeka, Monday (2/7/2018), the police said the victim raped by two men for six days.

The victim admitted the incident happened when he met with the two victims after being acquainted in FB, Monday (26/6). Initially, he met with TM and invited to his home in the District Kalidoni, Palembang.

The victim wants when the perpetrator says he wants to get acquainted with his parents, he is locked up and forced into intercourse.

“I have refused, run again arrest again,” said victim F when reporting to SPKT Polresta Palembang.

The next day, the victim was accompanied by the perpetrator not far from his house. Soon, he was picked up by the HN actor who was also his FB acquaintance.

The victim invited HN to the parents’ home of the perpetrator. Again, victims were sexually abused by perpetrators. She was held and raped for five days.

“I asked to go home was not allowed, I digituin (raped) continue with him,” he said.

Until this news was revealed, the police said it had processed the victim’s report and would follow up immediately.