– A 20-year-old woman in Turkey named Kbra H is reportedly killed after her own girlfriend raped her in a coma.

Quoted from the Daily News on Monday (2/7/2018), The Boyfriend, Caner B (26) denied allegations that he was the cause of the death of the boyfriend.

A local judge said, the two acquainted through the online site in 2016 ago.

Kbra who lived in the western province of Turkey, Dzce, went to Istanbul to meet Caner on December 23, 2016. They went to the beach with two of Caner’s nephews and drank alcohol.

After they drank alcohol, the indictment said, the young woman had a diabetic coma.

Ignoring his critical health status, Caner B took her on his back to a hotel room in Istanbul’s Beylikdz district and raped her there until the next morning.

Caner admitted that the victim who asked himself was picked up to the hotel room. He also said that the victim was still alive in the morning and he took him to the hospital.

“He wanted me to carry him on my back to his room and then he wanted to have sex and we did it He was alive when I woke up the next day because he was snoring I took him to the hospital after he did not wake up even though I tried,” said the suspect.

In the indictment, ask the court to imprison the man up to 43 years.