– Marisa Papen, a model that some time ago made a world scene for posing naked at Jerusalem Wailing Wall to get death threats.

Quoted from The Sun, Monday (2/7/2018), he claimed to get the message of the murder via message facebook account.

In fact, he claimed not afraid to die and ready to die just for karna art.

“My inbox and Facebook page are full of threats after that, I’m not afraid, that’s what I said to the photographer: ‘I’m ready to die for my art I’m certainly trying not to (fear), but for me this is my life and my goal to spread my message of freedom ‘, “he said.

He also does not worry if people kill him. Even his friends also warned him about the controversy of the photo.

“So, if someday there is a madman who wants to kill me for what I have done, then it happens. My friends and especially my family asked me, ‘What have you done? They will come and kill you! ‘, “He said.

As is known, Papen nude photos became popular on the internet and made public anger especially the citizens of Israel because the photo was taken at the Wailing Wall, Jerusalem which became a sacred place for some religions.