– Around 2,900 police officers in France are reportedly demoted to pursue gangsters who escaped from prison, Redoine Faid uses helicopters.

Reported by Anadolu, Monday (02/07/2018), It was delivered by the Prime Minister of France, Edward Philippe in a press statement.

In France, Faid is known to have a unique nickname. That is “public enemy number one”.

Philippe said, This man is a dangerous person. We urge the police to find these prisoners.

“At this moment, the police are fully mobilized to arrest this man We know he is dangerous, who urges mobilization to find these prisoners,” said Philippe.

Until this news was revealed, No further information from the police development of this prisoner’s pursuit.

But in the French public, the prison’s security system is questionable. What’s more, the process of escapism is quite short as in the film to make this case more excited.