– Ahead of elections in Mexico to be held July 1 tomorrow, 133 politicians are reported killed in the kill.

Quoted from the AFP, Saturday (6/30/2018), This is expressed by consulting firm etellekt in a report.

The report said the politicians were local politicians who targeted drug cartels in Mexico.

The murder in Mexico took place between September 2017 when candidate registration opened until the close of the campaign on Wednesday (27/6), when a temporary mayor was killed in Michoacan state, western Mexico.

The director of the Etellekt firm, Ruben Salazar, said the case of violence occurred at the local level. 71 percent were among the elected officials nominating at the local level.

“This violence has been concentrated locally, at least 71 percent of these attacks have affected elected officials and candidates running for the local level,” he said.

According to Salazar, this year’s election is the most heavily colored election throughout history in Mexico.

“In the 2012 elections … there were only nine politicians killed and one candidate, according to our records,” Salazar said.