– A mother and her 5-year-old son were reportedly killed drowning in a resort pool in Ontario, Canada.

Reported by Fox, Saturday (30/6/018), the victim was killed Tiffany the mother and Chloe the child while on vacation at the Resort.

The victim’s husband, Yiting Gong said, Wife and her son went first to the pool. He then followed 10 minutes later and watched people try to help his wife and children.

Both had been rushed to the nearest hospital but his life was not helped anymore.

Shores to Slope Management who is in charge of managing the resort pool declares that he will try to cheer Gong as best he can.

“Of course, as you might expect, he’s quite surprised, like me, my staff is very shaken,” said President Shores to Slope Management, Rosen. Police said the case is still under investigation.