– Hundreds of residents in central India are holding protests over the brutal rape case of an 8-year-old girl.

Quoted from the AFP, Saturday (30/06/2018), Currently the victim is being treated intensive in a hospital that suffered severe injuries.

In the demonstration, demonstrators also shouted “death for rapists”.

Demonstrators expect the perpetrators to be hanged to provide a deterrent effect for other actors.

The rape case took place on Tuesday (26/6) and was outside the victim’s school. At that time the victim was waiting for his father to pick her up.

The perpetrator came to the victim and said he would drive her home. But instead of bringing the victim home, the offender took the victim to a remote place and raped her. After raping, the perpetrator cut the victim’s throat and left it for granted. The victim was later found by local residents.

A doctor treating the victim said the victim was being treated and his vocal cords had been damaged by a wound.

“He is still critical in the intensive care unit, he can not talk because his vocal cords have been damaged by an incision in his throat,” he said.