– A man in Thailand is reportedly killed after being trampled by five wild elephants on a rubber plantation.

Quoted from the AFP on Saturday (30/06/2018), the victim was known as Maree Samae who died in a tragic event in Yala province, southern Thailand on Friday (29/6) morning local time.

Local police captain Sathit Woonchoom said the victim was driving to a rubber plantation and surrounded by five elephants.

“The victim was riding his motorcycle on the way to a rubber plantation … and surrounded by five elephants,” he said.

The victim suffered serious injuries to the back and head after an autopsy by the police.

“I did an autopsy with a doctor and found injuries on his back and head,” Sathit said.

The Elephant Conservation Center of Thailand says the population of wild elephants in Thailand continues to decline year by year and now number only about 2,700 heads. Deforestation and habitat loss have caused the elephants closer to humans.