– The main suspect of the bombing terror attack in Paris, France in 2015 and finally open voice about his actions that killed 130 people.

Quoted from the AFP, Saturday (30/06/2018), The perpetrator is Salah Abdeslam who has now claimed to be the main mastermind behind this terrible tragedy.

During this time, Abdeslam refused to speak to the investigator since his arrest.

“We do not attack you because you eat pork, you drink wine or you listen to music, but Muslims defend themselves against those who attack us,” said Abdeslam.

Earlier in April, a Belgian court sentenced Abdeslam’s 20-year jail sentence to a shootout with police in Brussels, Belgium.

The shootings left three policemen wounded and a terrorist suspect dead. He was arrested a few days later in troubled residential area, Molenbeek, on the outskirts of the Belgian capital.