– Defendant case of terrorism in Indonesia, Aman Abdurrahman reportedly will not appeal the verdict of death sentence.

Excerpted from Merdeka, Friday (29/06/2018), With no appeal in court, the Court will be ready to execute.

According to the lawyer, Asludin Hatjani, his client reasoned that the death sentence was the final destiny outlined by God.

“Yes no appeal, please also no cassation, PK, all possibilities are not, the reason is yes because he believes the khilafah believe in Islamic law so dying and age is the will of God’s hand, and if this is the cause of death Ustaz Aman yes accepted, Asludin.

The defendant’s family also agreed not to appeal against Aman who is now prosecuted for the death penalty.

“Already this, has been consulted with him, his family as well, his wife, in-laws and siblings, as well as his children,” explained Asludin.

However, Asludin as a lawyer admitted to strongly reject the verdict of execution died.