– A member of Glynn County Police Department, in McIntosh County, Ga., Robert Sasser is accused of having shot dead his wife and girlfriend on Thursday night.

Quoted from Fox, Friday (29/06/2018), Sasser was also found by the local police in dead condition after being followed to be arrested.

Police officials have not been able to confirm whether he died from his own weapons or others.

The police chief also said that the only shot that was shot during the arrest was tear gas.

“The only shot fired by law enforcement is when they shoot (tear) the gas into the vehicle to bring Mr. Sasser out of the vehicle,” said Chief of Glynn County Police Officer Brian Scott.

Sasser had been placed on administrative leave in May after he was arrested on allegations of domestic violence, FOX28 Savannah reported at the time.

He was charged with Simple Battery and Criminal Offenses, both under the Family Violence Act.

He was arrested after police went to his wife’s house just apart after 3 am on May 13 for reports of domestic violence, according to the station. He has been out of bond since his arrest.