– The perpetrators of the shooting that left five people dead in the office of the Capital Gazette newspaper have been identified by the police.

Reported from Fox, Friday (29/06/2018), He is Jarrod Warren Ramos, 38 years old.

A prosecutor in Maryland, Wes Adam said there was one victim who was about to flee through the back door in a dead shot by him.

“There was one victim who tried to escape through the back door and was shot,” Adams said.

The five Gazette staff killed in the attack were identified as Wendi Winters, John McNamara, Gerald Fischman, Rebecca Smith, and Rob Hiaasen. Two other employees, Rachel Pacella and Janet Cooley were injured in the attack and hospitalized.

Winters is a special publishing editor. McNamara is a writer. Fischman is editorial editorial page. Smith is a sales assistant. Hiaasen is an assistant editor and columnist.