– Belgian model Marisa Papen has been criticized by many after posting a nude photograph in front of the Jerusalem lamas wall.

Quoted from The Sun, Friday (29/06/2018), Wailing Wall is a wall of sakrat for Jews, Muslims and Christians.

“It is clear to me that if we can take photos in front of or near the Wailing Wall, this journey will be a success,” Marisa said.

“We talked to someone who was very friendly, who later became Muslim, invited us to his place where we had coffee and mint tea,” Marisa explained.

A minister named Shmuel Rabinovich said that this was a very embarrassing and sad incident and insulting the sacred place.

“This is an embarrassing and sad incident, which insults the sacred place and the feelings of the people who come to it,” he said.

A similar case occurred in one temple in Egypt. At that time he was imprisoned for posing naked.