– Six policemen in the Philippines are declared dead by accidentally being shot by the country’s military forces inside a forest.

Quoted from Anadolu Agency, Thursday (28/6/22018), In addition, nine other people also reported injuries in the incident.

At the time of the incident on Monday (25/6) local time, the Philippine police are conducting patrol operations in the inland areas in the town of Villareal. At that moment, all of a sudden they were fired upon by military forces from the 87th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army.

The local military official, Mariel Magawat, said at the time that military forces were conducting operations in the interior.

“The military is conducting operations in rural areas due to reports of the existence of armed men – the NPA,” he said.

According to Magaway, the local police unit is also conducting operations in the same area. Both sides are equally shocked at each other’s appearance and the firefight is inevitable.