– French couples in Britain are sued for life imprisonment for killing and burning the bodies of victims with a vile behind their homes.

Quoted from the AFP, Thursday (28/06/2018), Victims Sophie Lionnet (21) is known to be their baby nanny.

The perpetrator Sabrina Kouider (35) and her lover, Ouissem Medouni (40) were found guilty by a local court for the murder.

A Judge, Nicholas Hilliard says that the victim is a kind and gentle girl. The perpetrator cruelly and mercilessly kills him.

“Sophie is a kind, gentle and well-behaved girl, the suffering and torture you’ve done to her before death is long and without mercy,” he said.

The murder took place in September 2017 and his trial lasted for the last two months.

It was revealed during the trial that Kouider and Medouni had interrogated and tortured Lionnet for their belief that he was conspiring with one of Kouider’s former lover who was accused of abusing their family members. Kouider’s former lover named Mark Walton, known as the founder of British boyband, Boyzone.