– An unpublished woman identifies a brutal shooting of four people in Hong Kong solely for heritage issue.

Quoted by AFP on Thursday (28/06/2018), the perpetrators used a semi-automatic pistol to shoot four people in Quarry Bay Park, eastern Hong Kong on Tuesday (26/6) local time.

The victim is known to be a sister. While the perpetrator is the nephew of the victims who died.

Police said the incident occurred because of the sale of an apartment worth USD 8 Million which according to the perpetrator is not fair.

Two people were reported killed in the shootings when they were about to be rushed to the hospital. While two more are still undergoing treatment.

It is known that real estate in Hong Kong is classified as the most expensive in the world. SCMP estimates that the value of the apartments that became the subject of the dispute is worth up to US $ 8 million.

This incident shocked the locals. “I never thought that weapons can be obtained easily here,” commented one of the local Facebook users.