– A teenager who was arrested in March 2017 was sentenced to 12 years in prison for plotting an act of terrorism.

Quoted from the BBC, Thursday (28/06/2018), teens who are not published indentitasnya also must undergo a minimum of nine years of detention.

As is known, a teenager was arrested last year in Sydney for saying he would attack and terrorize the ‘infidels’ during Anzac’s celebration of 2016.

Megan Latham, a judge who handles this case said the identity of the suspect was first revealed by JCTT.

“The suspect’s house was examined by JCTT, where at that time the perpetrator informed the activities he was doing to his family for the first time.” said Judge Latham.

The teenager was later referred to a diversion program because he was potentially radical, but the judge said the teenager was not present because he was working.