– Since the last nine months, the number of immigrants who died from hot weather when crossing the US-Mexico border continues to grow.

Quoted from Reuters on Wednesday (27/06/2018), Currently the number of people killed were 48 people and is expected to continue to grow.

US border spokesman Salvador Zamora said that in the same period, the number was only 31 people and has now increased 55 percent.

“Hot weather deaths are the main cause of death of immigrants on the US southwest border, rising to 48 from 31 during the same period in 2017,” he said.

Zamora added that the death toll is expected to rise to hundreds of people during the summer months. Because, in addition to having to deal with extreme hot weather, the immigrants also have to pass through the crossing zone is not easy.

“Border patrol officers recorded an increase in deaths increased by 12 percent from year to year until May 31,” he explained.

“For the summer of this year, we must be prepared to cope with the increase in the number of deaths.” Demographics of illegal immigrants we capture, they are much more span, “he added.