– A man in India reportedly worshiped the president of the United States (US), Donald Trump as his god.

Quoted from 9News, Wednesday (27/06/2018), He is Bussa Krishna who lives in Telengana near the capital Hyderbad.

Quoted from facebooknya, The man started a campaign titled ‘Make America Great Again’.

Because of this, he was even mistaken for the people of his place of residence and advised him to check his psychic.

“I told them, ‘I do not need anything, maybe you should stay away, because he is my God and I do not care about other things that others say’,” he stressed.

To prove his seriousness, Krishna even expressed his hope in the future.

“My plan is to build a temple for Trump in three or six months,” he said.

Meanwhile, Krishna’s neighbor Sathyalakshmi claims to be concerned about her situation. Because, Krishna now have to live alone because of his close family.