– A 19-year-old teenager was sentenced to death in Sudan. Initially he was accused of murdering her husband for wanting to rape her.

Quoted from the BBC, Wednesday (27/06/2018), He named Noura Hussein. Although his death sentence was lifted, he would still be serving a five-year sentence in prison.

Indeed Noura Hussein is a victim of forced marriage by her family. He was married even though he was brought aged by his family.

He refuses to serve her husband’s lust and kills him because he is still forced to do so. She was forcibly married to a man who was none other than her cousin.

The death sentence of Noura has prompted human rights activists to vote for the defense. The activists then asked President Omar al-Bashir to grant pardon to Noura. They convince the president that Noura’s actions are purely defensive.

Noura’s lawyer; Al-Fateh Hussein, told Reuters on Wednesday (27/06/2018), said in addition to a five-year prison term, the woman was fined 375 Sudanese pounds (about USD20). The lawyer gave no further details.