– A horrendous news comes from the Middle East, Pakistan. A blind man reportedly managed to become a judge in the country.

Quoted from Reuters on Wednesday (27/06/2018), is Yousaf Saleem who is blind and now a civil judge.

Approximately 6,500 applicants are available, Only 21 people are accepted in the selection process of judges in the country and Saleem is one of them.

“I was among the 21 lucky people who graduated from 6,500 applicants.I excelled at the writing of the exam and after going through the psychology interview I was selected,” Saleem said.

He was also proud of being elected a judge. He also said that he will become the history of Pakistan.

“Obviously it is a milestone and I am very proud and happy that I got a chance for the first time in Pakistan’s history that the blind will work as a civilian judge,” he said.

“I feel it is a very happy thing in my life, but also a big responsibility on my shoulders,” he said, quoted by Al Arabiya.