– A prisoner for death sentence requested the officers to be executed by the death penalty in firing squad or gas.

Quoted from Fox, Wednesday (27/06/2018), Is Danny Paul Bible (66) who was sick while undergoing his imprisonment in Texas.

He suspects the case of four murders and reportedly he will undergo a lethal injection today.

If either of these alternatives is impossible – and state lawyers say no – Bible lawyers insist that his sentence be stopped.

“He has a number of medical problems that are getting worse,” said Margaret Schmucker, one of the Bible’s lawyers, on Tuesday. “They will not be able to find a vein.”

Biblical appeals to the US Supreme Court after the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday rejected his civil rights lawsuit seeking a suspended order and a court order.

The lawsuit is a “useless tactic” to delay “proper execution,” said Texas Attorney General Assistant Stephen Hoffman in court filings.