– A novelist accused of murdering his wife after giving birth to his baby some time ago demanded a life sentence.

Quoted from Fox, Wednesday (27/06/2018), is Blake Leibel, 37 years old who was found guilty by a local court.

The police found the body of his naked wife in a bloody bedroom and a number of injuries.

Mother Victim, Olga Poor thought that this Moster destroyed her family life.

“This monster ruined our lives, ruined the lives of his family,” he said.

Leibel used a knife in a “prolonged attack” in which Kasian “lived for a better part of mutilation and chaos,” prosecutor Tannaz Mokayef told the jury.

Evidence shows Kasian being dragged through their home and held under water, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Graphic photographs are reportedly displayed in the Kasian courtroom with eyebrows removed and exposed to bones and facial muscles.