– A woman in South Carolina was arrested by the police for behaving racially to a teenager in a swimming pool.

Quoted from Fox, Wednesday (27/06/2018), the incident occurred last week when the teenager was invited by his friends to the pool.

According to the police, the woman named Stephanie Sebby-Strempel (38) who scolded black teenagers with racial insults, hit a boy with a camera and bite a deputy.

A video posted on Facebook circulated showing Sebby-Strempel slapping the man holding the camera as he walked out of the pool area.

He then sounded calling someone as a “little punk” and told someone to get out, according to WCIV-TV.

The victim told the authorities that he and his friends respected when Sebby-Strempel demanded that he and his friends leave the pool and the researchers concluded that the woman was an aggressor.