– A thief beat a 66-year-old grandmother to be rushed to the hospital for caught stealing at her home.

Reported JPPN, Wednesday (06/13/2010), the victim is a 66-year-old Nurzainah lucky still survived the incident.

The thief is reportedly carrying a sharp weapon and beat the victim with a sharp weapon and then banged against the wall repeatedly.

Her husband told the incident, Starting from the victim heard a loud voice during the prayer and then check the condition of his house.

“Pas wife open the door of the room, the perpetrator is at the door of the room,” said the husband of the victim, Suhaili.

“My wife says, take everything in the closet. Money Rp 5.5 million, “recalls Suhaili, imitating his wife’s words. The perpetrators took the money, including the imitation gold and Samsung brand phones. After that the perpetrators fled through the front door.

While the injured and frightened victims locked the door. Fear the perpetrator came again. Blood was pouring from the head of the wounded victim. In addition, the middle finger of his right hand was hit by a punch. Injuries to the ears, and bruises on the back.