– The status of Mount Anak Krakatau is now at Level II or Waspada after removing white smoke as high as 50 meters. If under normal conditions only 25 meters.

Quoted from VIVA, Monday (25/06/2018), Post Head Monitor GAK Lampung, Andi Suandi justify this.

“Smoke is only observed a thin white 50 meters.That every day there,” he said when the confirmation.

People around the site are forbidden to cross this mountain within a kilometer radius.

“People, fishermen and tourists, are prohibited from approaching Krakatoa within a kilometer radius,” he said.

According to the information, for the observation period of June 24, 2018, the crater was not visually visible because it was covered in fog.

Mount as high as 305 meters from sea level (MDPL) was experiencing shallow volcanic earthquake as much as 58 times and earthquake volcanic in as many as twice.

Based on data recorded on the seismograph at the observation post Mount Anak Krakatau, eruption eruption recorded 30 millimeters and the duration of diving more than 45 seconds.