– A girl from Persija Jakarta football fans is reportedly killed after watching her favorite club compete with her boyfriend.

Quoted from VIVA, Monday (25/06/2018), Angel Jak is named Sela Ramdona. His family allegedly killed by being killed by the girlfriend.

Initially the unnamed Boyfriend went to watch the ball with the victim. But at about three o’clock in the morning, the Family got word that his son was dying in the hospital.

The victim’s fickle information made the death of the victim more suspicious of the family.

Initially the testimony of the victim’s girlfriend died after they had an accident. The family is suspicious because no injuries were found on the victim’s body like an accident.

Not long after the victim was buried, he returned to the house of the victim and informed his family that the victim had jumped from the vehicle on his way home for a fight.

However, the family increasingly unbelievable, because the information MNT is changing. Families suspect something is done MNT on Sela.

“If it falls, also it must be a name that falls on the asphalt right, well this is baseball there at all.That’s why I say, ‘lu that’s why his eyes swollen next?’. ‘No, baseball I hit’. said like that.It got there, “he said again.

Meanwhile, the attorney of the family of Sela, Dennis Wibowo regretted that the Police had not done the autopsy process on the bodies of victims. In fact, the results of an autopsy is needed to reveal what is actually the cause of death of the victim.

“Until now, it has not been adopted by the South Jakarta Police Force.” Slow autopsy and perpetrators have not been arrested, so the Persija party can not provide any information, “he said.

Therefore, it came today to South Jakarta Metro Police to push the case quickly revealed. The family also regretted, because it has not been uncovered and hope that many related parties can reveal because it has not been revealed two months.

“The perpetrators should have been arrested because of allegations of severe mistreatment or murder of Article 351 and or 338 of the Criminal Code on murder with a maximum threat of 15 years in prison,” he said.