– A man in Brooklyn cruelly cut off his wife’s hand that was carrying her own child.

Report from Fox, Monday (25/06/2018), He is Yong Lu (35) who has now been arrested by the local police to account for his actions.

The perpetrator was arrested by officers at the One Niagara building at around 7:45 pm local time.

Yong Lu was wanted for allegedly cutting off his wife’s arm and two fingers in his left hand with a steak knife at Sunset Park on Thursday after noon, according to the New York Post.

Lu’s wife, 31-year-old Yang Li, was inside their house waiting for their 7-year-old son to finish school. Lu is reported to be angry and raging.

Li was rushed to the hospital, where emergency responders learned of her pregnancy. She was put into a medical coma, and the surgeon reportedly reassembled her arm.

Lu wore a life jacket when he was arrested – and police believed “he would swim across” to Canada, Deputy Marshal Brent Novak told The Buffalo News.