– The Dutch government is said to be closing down four prisons in the country because of the small number of crime cases and prisoners in the country.

Quoted from the Daily Mail, Monday (25/06/2018), local authorities are also rumored to have been considering which prison they will close.

According to the report, the Dutch government even conducted a policy of importing criminals to be imprisoned in their country.

This policy also get a response from the prison guards in 2013 and then because they have to take care of inmates from outside the Netherlands.

Dutch Justice Minister Sander Dekker says the four are Prison in Zoetermeer, Zeist, Almere and Zwaag in North Holland will all be closed.

Algemeen Dagblad reports that one-third of the 13,500 prison beds in the Netherlands are dormant by 2017.

Dekker has yet to comment on the report, but he will present his views before the summer recess in the Dutch parliament.