– Suspected terrorist network was shot dead by densus 88 police force in Depok, Indonesia on Sunday, June 24, 2018.

Quoted from the page Tempo, Monday (25/06/2018), He is AAW, 31 years old who was killed in the firefight the unit of anti-terror.

The neighbors suspected of any terrorist and the head of RT 01 Neglasari Village, Bambang also commented on the daily life of the dead.

He said the alleged terrorist with his wife never socialize with his neighbors during the contract home in the region.

Bambang said he had visited the AAW contract house several times. The rented resident never existed for the same reason, coming home tonight.

“If the suspect whose husband I have never met most only met his wife alone, who said if her husband was home from work always night,” he said.

Bambang said, he had repeatedly asked for a photocopy of the identity card of his husband and his wife living in the rented house. But until now, the alleged terrorist family has not given it yet.

“There is always a reason they have not submitted a copy of ID card, when asked his wife always said if her husband’s job selling books,” said Bambang about Bogor terrorist suspected it.