– A Catholic priest in France reportedly slapped a baby being baptized just for crying in front of him.

Quoted from Reuters, Saturday (23/06/2018) Video penamparan it has been viral in social media facebook since last Thursday.

Later known, the Pastor was named Jacques Lacroix (89) who has now been suspended by the local diocese for that matter.

In the video looks Lacroix impression and shouted to the baby he held in front of him for constantly crying.

He had shouted “quiet” in front of the baby and slapped the baby’s cheek.

The baby’s parents, shocked by the pastor’s actions, finally seized his son from the hands of the Catholic priest. The incident took place during a baptismal ritual at Champeaux, about 50 kilometers southeast of Paris.

According to Meaux diocese, the priest will no longer lead baptisms and marriages or hold mass rituals until further notice.

“The boy was crying and I had to turn his head so I could pour water, I said ‘silence’ but he was not calm,” said Lacroix.