– The son of a millionaire in Canada is named as a suspect in the murder of his own wife after giving birth to their child.

Quoted from, Saturday (23/06/2018), is Blake Leibel (37) who was accused of torturing her fiancee to death just a few weeks after she gave birth to her daughter.

He was allegedly guilty on Wednesday when the trial took place and was serving a sentence.

Leibel is known to be the son of Lorne Leibel, one of Canada’s richest real estate developers and a one-time Olympic sailor, and Eleanor Leibel, a plastic heir who died in 2011. Leibel is reportedly living on $ 18,000 per month in benefits.

Pity was found in an expensive apartment in West Hollywood, California that she and Leibel shared, in bed, ran out of blood, and lost her scalp.

The autopsy results from the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office showed that he died of blunt object trauma on his head, according to Fox News. He also has a torn part of his face.