– A man in Vegas reportedly disguised as a delivery driver to be able to steal from various hotels in the city of Vegas.

Quoted from Fox, Saturday (6/23/2018), is Danny Roy Salazar (44). He successfully disguised after now caught by the local security.

Salazar allegedly broke into the Rio, Westgate and Caesars palaces between January 13 and June 8, the report said.

Police say, The perpetrator has a trick by entering through the back door to deceive the hotel’s security.

Suspects are accused of stealing mattresses, beauty products, furniture and some types of electronics, including the iPad, according to complaints.

Police believe he stole a Isuzu Penske box truck $ 86,000 six months ago from outside a hotel in the Gaza Strip, the report said. The actual delivery driver who rented the truck reportedly let it run.

Salazar is charged with six counts of each theft and theft of property worth over $ 3,500.