– A murderer who killed a police officer in 1973 was reportedly released on parole.

Quoted from page Fox, Saturday (23/06/2018), Robert Hayes was released after serving 35 years of detention.

The victim is known to be Sidney Thompson who then tried to catch Hayes then fired on Thomson.

The victim’s wife, Joyce Thompson also commented on this release. She knows her husband’s murderer gets conditional freedom after receiving notice.

“My husband was killed for 15 cents,” said Joyce Thompson.

He is also not willing the perpetrator to get a decision on parole and expect the perpetrators sentenced to death.

“It just ruined my heart,” he said.

After the firefight that killed Thompson, Hayes escaped and hid for nearly four months when NYPD officers reportedly found him in a BLA safe house in the Bronx.

Hayes fired on officers who chased with the sawed rifles, wounding two of them in a gunbattle.

Hayes was convicted of Thompson’s murder in March 1974; he was the first Black Liberation Army member to be found guilty of murder in New York State, according to a story about the trial in the New York Daily News. He was sentenced to 35 years to live.