– A fugitive did not find what happened on facebook to viral.

Reported Fox, He is Anthony Ward who is also known as Popeye successful and Wednesday Wednesday.

He is an Ohio suspect with a face tattoo that is easy to remember shortly after police posted a picture of the man on Facebook, noting the locals to make.

“Be the one who finds out alias (Popeye) Anthony Ward has Felony subject guarantees through Brown County and wants to ask some B & E [bonus-and-insert],” police wrote in a Facebook post earlier.

The police did not bring Ward’s physical – and not necessary. Boto’s photo displays an unusual tattoo passing away, the area lying under his eyes. Officials also released photos of Ward’s vehicle, the Black Chevy Cruze, to help find him.

The photo attracted public attention, pushing nearly 3,000 times shared on Facebook. Ward Hold around the star clock later.

He was withdrawn for theft and entry fees.