– A great explosion and fire broke out in a house where several women were taken hostage. At least one died in this case.

Quoted from the local police statement, Wednesday (13/06/2018), the death toll has not known identity and wait for further process.

In this incident, nine officers were also slightly injured in the blast.

Wednesday at around 2pm local time, the suspect’s wife escaped from the house and ran to her neighbor to call 911.

She tells them that her husband has been holding her hostage for several days, although the reports vary at the right time.

The woman and her husband, whose authorities have not been named, have experienced divorce, the Courant reports. The woman was reportedly badly beaten and hospitalized. The current condition is unknown.

State police detectives from the Central District Main Fire and Crime Investigation Unit tried to make contact with the man on Wednesday and persuaded him out of the house where, with his wife away, he had barricaded himself.

After a few hours, as law enforcers attempted to enter the residence, the barn burst with the force that neighbors said shook their homes.

“North Haven is shaken, I mean everyone is listening,” Nancy Sundwall’s neighbor told the New Haven Register, “The whole sky is completely dark with smoke.”

The Connecticut State Police Force and the New Haven Police Force have responded to assist in the investigation. Unconfirmed reports indicate that the suspect may have purposely set up explosives on the property.