– Former wife of the NYPD police gave birth to a three-year-old daughter of the death of the murdered husband.

Quoted from Fox, Thursday (21/6/2018), She gave birth through in-vitro fertilization changed her view of religion and began to believe in God.

Chen, who forced NYPD detective Wenjian Liu and his partner Rafael Ramos was shot and killed in 2014, gave birth to his daughter Angelina, “Angel” for short, in July 2017.

He said, At first he had no religion and now, he has believed in God after the birth of his daughter.

“I have no religion before,” Chen said. “Now, I … I believe in God now, and I want to have faith in my life.” he said.

By 2014, Chen has asked doctors at the hospital to keep the sperm to allow having their children. He had been married to Liu for three months.

“She always wanted a baby, so something came to mind,” Chen told PIX11. “Is it possible to take his sperm?”

Chen recalled the in vitro fertilization procedure in October 2016, saying “it is very difficult” to undergo a process of artificial insemination.

“Alhamdulillah, it worked for me for the first time,” Chen said. “I’m sure my husband seems to me, I’m so thankful it worked.” he said.