– The mother of four children born in the hands of the former told of the incident that befell children.

Quoted from Fox, Thursday (21/06/2018), he testified to the police so that it can happen.

At that time he himself himself from his apartment after the former wealth began to beat him.

After successfully escaping, he immediately called the police and said that they are still 1 to 11 years still in the world.

When the Orlando police showed up just before midnight on June 10, Gary Wayne Lindsey Jr. shot Officer Kevin Valencia in the head and impasse with law enforcement that lasted 21 hours.

During that time, Lindsey killed children, aged between 1 and 11, before shooting themselves, police said.

“He has a gun,” Lopez said. “I do not know if it’s there now, but I know it’s home.” When the dispatcher asked if he had withdrawn his weapon, Lopez replied, “not today.”

Lopez refused medical treatment, saying she had just been dredged. But he worries about his children.