– 13 children who were told by both parents said that they were very bad at that time. Not fed.

Like See, A couple of days ago two parents, David and Louise Turpin by torture parties against children in California.

One of the guys who managed to escape through the window and called the police.

Jack Osborn, a lawyer for 13 children, said no decision was used to appoint Riverside County Public Guardian as their long-term conservator. Court officers to find members for adult children who were escorted out of sight.

The testimony of starving deaths, squalor and suspect mixed Wednesday mixed. The photographs showed two pale and malnourished girls locked in a stack. Their sister, secretly taking the photographs, was heard begging in a 911 call for someone to come and rescue her siblings.

“They’ll wake up late and they’ll start crying,” the 17-year-old told the operator operator with a trembling little voice.