– A mother (66) year old in Florida has the heart to shoot her own son to death. Similarly, reports from the police.

Quoted from Fox, Thursday (21/06/2018), is Priscilla Ann Ethridge who had the heart to kill the life of his son Ethridge (46) himself to death.

Statement of witnesses, whose nephew himself said the perpetrator took a .22 caliber gun and fired it into the victim.

Meanwhile Ethridge claims his son stole his cell phone and will not return it, prompting him to pursue it. As he climbed onto his bicycle, he grabbed the car door before he opened fire to “frighten” him to let go, the report said.

The Ethridge boy told a different story deputy: that he was riding a horse to get away from his mother when he was up beside him, shouting he would shoot him and fire a revolver. The bullet did not attack anyone and his son was not hurt.

Investigators picked up the Ethridge gun, which had already spent one shell of shells in his cubicle. His cell phone was later found at his home.